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Maria J. Andrade, MFT


Maria J. Andrade, M.S. M.F.T., is a  psycho spiritual therapist and poet.  She was  born in Ecuador, South America and raised in New York and California. In 1989 she was initiated in Andean Shamanism by  Amazonian and Inca medicine healers of Peru. She uses poetry, stories  and ceremony  in her work. Her poetry and articles on social justice has appeared in the nationally awarded winning, bilingual newspaper, "La Oferta Review" and "Vistazo" San Jose, California as well as in "La Opinion" Newspaper, Los Angeles.

Maria is a social and human rights activists who helped establish organizations such as Habitat for Humanity in Pomona, CA and FACTS (Families to Amend California's Three Strikes Law) Los Angeles Chapter. She worked with Peace and Justice, a political activists group based in La Verne, CA and for 25 years served on the Board of the Carl Jung Society of Claremont as Program Coordinator  gathering speakers and programs which  bring transformative visions for the new millennium.  She is founder  of the "Heart Magic" workshops based on her book Heart Magic, Keeping Love Alive & Well. This book focuses on  important fundamental principles and communication techniques for sustaining a loving and lasting  partnership.

She lives  in California and has a private counseling practice with her husband Sy Cohn.

I See A World

I see a world

in which source flows through us in its fullness,

and there is no separation between you and me,

only the refracted beauty of Creation's pleasure,

and there are no outer enemies except poverty, homelessness,

and loveless ness.
I see a world where children are nurtured tenderly
like the seeds of the earth,
where they worship once again outside walls,
among trees and groves, beneath sun and moon,
as in the ancient days
where they call the Deity in themselves
through scent of flowers,
 through song,
through sacred dance,
through each other's eyes.
In such a world
 the earth is loved as our own bodies
and it is healed of the blood of ages,
so that nature is no longer stricken.
Instead daily it is revitalized by reverence
and the water's diamond face is seen again
and the wind that weaves its path through lungs
and rock caverns is pure again.
And all life communes with all life.
The language of trees is remembered again

and the beasts

 of land and air and water
can trust their spirits to us again.
In such a world there are no nations,
only one world
with beings who recognize each other as the Self.
Make strong the fields of harmony round the earth.
Then the long awaited vision of Archangels
will come to pass,
the world turned right side out.
I see this world.
It can happen.
It can happen, if you see it too.
from: Singing Myself Home: Awakening To The Garden
Maria J. Andrade, 1995