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Heart Magic Select Principles

Statistics tell us that one out of two marriages ends in divorce. Despite these unfortunate figures which do not take into consideration live-in partnerships, people fall in love every day and hope their union will last. Likelihood they can keep love live will rest on choosing "Mr. or Ms. Right " See 4 basic types of women and the types of men and their positive or negative aspects. Which type do you get attracted to? Hopefully you are choosing a person who expresses the positive aspects of their type.

Once you choose that special someone, love will have a chance to survive if both people recognize and apply partnership principles which form the foundation of a healthy, loving, relationship.

Rate yourself: How many of these principles are expressed in your partnership?

0-2 = crisis 3-5 = impairment 6-8 = love is fairing well 9-10 = good loving, congratulations!

A Quality Relationship Includes:
  1. Two People - who love and respect themselves and each other
  2. Prioritize - your relationship. Don't let everything else come before it.
  3. Attention - Listen with kindness and empathy.
  4. Honesty - Be truthful and congruent.
  5. Trust - Resolve problems in fair ways so both partner's are honored.
  6. Timing - Choose your communication time wisely.
  7. Laughter & Play - Necessary for a good relationship and quality of life.
  8. Dedication & Affection - Express your dream daily to love and be loved.

What type of woman or man do you fall in love with?