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Awakening to the Vastness of Self

The Night's Silence  

The night's silence moves gracefull

among trees,

which sway in unison lovingly, 

as the night passes.

I smell the sweetness of honeysuckle,

and am aware of your Presence,

recall all the years you waited.

From the beginning you called me,

repeatedly called,

for half a life time waited,

knowing every thought in my heart,

while I did not know who I was.

And even now,

I gradually sense I am the night,

the trees watching in darkness,

the perfume of the honeysuckle 

in the air.

I am everything out there,

and also this still point, a woman,

who witnesses the beauty,

experiences the beauty in my body,

like a child awakens to the vastness

of my body.

You and I now together,

out of longing,

out of desire.

It cannot be otherwise.

It is the same desire, 

that in the seed,

becomes the blossom.


© Maria J. Andrade, Singing My Self Home