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Types of Women

Women as well as men contain four basic ways of expressing themselves. Although they may be seen as "types" it may be more accurate to call them "characteristics" whose effects clearly impact relationship in particular ways. We may all have the potential to express each of these types but often we identify ourselves with one or two of them while the others may remain undeveloped or expressed negatively.

Examine "types of women and types of men" in terms of what it may reflect about you and the type of person you attract or are attracted to.

Types Of Women Characteristics
Sensual Woman  
Positive: sexually appealing, nurturing, affectionate
Negative: untrustworthy, fickle, egotistical
Woman of Ideas  
Positive: intelligent, mentally stimulating, mentor
Negative: ruthless, cold, bossy, intolerant
Woman of Adventure  
Positive: courageous, explorative, exciting, zest for life
Negative: unsettled, risk taker, undependable
Woman of Spirit  
Positive: inspires, relates to the unconscious, to the sacred in herself & others, creative
Negative: egotistic, histrionic, controlling, bizarre.